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PGA brings together a group of consultants and professional trainers with expertise in the various sectors of Organization and Human Resources Development, Behavioral and Experiential Training and Non Profit world.

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For 50 years pga is on the side of companies who care about improving welfare and efficiency of people.

We believe that people’s wellness is foundamental for goals achievement, that every person has a potencial to be developed, that efficiency arises from simplicity of processes and from their facility to be understood and used for company’s gain.

We help our customers to identify the areas of intervention and to define the most effective actions to develop people’s skills.

We work with our customer to analyze and redefine the organizational structures, to launch change processes to support strategic goals.

PGA was born from the meeting and sharing experiences of Pietro Gennaro and Alessandro Perini.

Pietro Gennaro is the father of Consulting in Italy and is the founder of the first PGA in 1955, in Milan.

Alessandro Perini today renews the tradition of PGA bringing the strategic value of Consulting and the passion for Training into Profit and Non-Profit Organizations.