A "practice community" is based on the creation of a group that shares the same concerns and aspirations allowing participants to share their experiences and best practices, to discuss of some professional issues with the aim of focusing and emphasizing the behaviors and attitudes that may impact more on improving the operating performance.

We can help you...

  • in accompanying participants through a development process and professional development to enhance the contribution of the individual and the group;
  • in facilitating the discussion starting from the analysis of the working reality (for example, with the discussion of cases brought by the participants) and interposing it with in-depth theoretical moments;
  • in identifying and fixing, in order to capitalize, the best practices in operational performance management to animate and keep the exchange between multi-level professionals alive:
    • among the participants in the Community
    • among the participants and the teacher/facilitator
    • among participants and professionals from other companies that lead their testimony.